4 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

By Payson Everett-Brown, RE/MAX Social Media Intern

You're running out of time to find a gift for everyone on your list. If you're shopping for someone who recently moved, these last-minute gift ideas could be the perfect addition to their new home!

1. Be personal
Help spice up the new digs with a personalized doormat, a stamp with their new address or a decorative sign with their house number.

2. Get cozy
Little touches are often overlooked in the chaos of unpacking in a new place. Candles, coffee mugs, throw blankets, or succulents are all ideas to consider.

3. Help organize
One can never have too many storage baskets! They add a nice touch to living areas or bedrooms, and they help hide extra clutter. A wicker basket can make a great gift, as well as bins for mail, a bowl to toss car keys in or small dishes for jewelry. Decorative hooks can also be helpful!

4. Send a card
Hopefully the basics made it in the move, including the can opener, measuring cups or storage containers. A gift card to the local cooking store can help fill in the holes – or be an excuse to try out a fun new gadget.

Wish you were stocking up for your own place? Contact a RE/MAX agent today to start shopping for your own new home.

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