4 Signs of a Ghost in Your House

With Halloween around the corner, ghosts are on our minds. But are they also in the walls? In some states, home sellers are required to disclose "psychological impacts" that have occurred in their home, which can include paranormal activity. How can you tell if your house is haunted? Here are four signs of a ghost in your house.

1. Twitchy electronics

Has a sports-loving ghost been switching your TV from the Food Network to ESPN? Does a sleepy ghoul turn on your coffee maker in the middle of the night? Perhaps your house is haunted. Or your husband hasn't quite figured out the smart home apps on his cell phone.

2. Cold and hot spots

As you walk through your hallway, do you sometimes pass through an icy pocket of cold air? Is there a corner of your bedroom that never warms up? Could be that you're passing through a ghostly presence. Or maybe it's time for an energy audit.

3. Items vanishing

Has a naughty poltergeist hidden your keys for the third time this week? It could be time to call the exorcist. Then again, placing a key holder by the door may also keep any ill-at-ease spirit at bay.

4. Unexplained noises

Have banshees been howling in the walls of your home, their twisted nails scratching terrible noises in the wee hours? Before you dial Ghostbusters, try the exterminator. This is the time of year critters make their way indoors.

If you're not sure whether you have to disclose your home's creepy history, find a local RE/MAX agent who can help.

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