5 Scary Home Selling Myths

It's the season for celebrating all that's scary. Creepy costumes, eerie tunes, haunted houses. They can be downright frightening. But don't let these common myths about selling your home terrify you.

1. Scary myth: You should sell your home in the spring or summer
Truth: There's no need to wait until you see the first buds on trees to sell your home. People need to buy homes and move during all times of the year – and for all sorts of reasons. It's true that families with kids often plan around the school year when they're looking to move. But there are so many more factors you'll need to consider when planning to sell. And there are so many more types of homebuyers – young professionals, retirees, investors. So sell your home when you're ready.

2. Scary myth: Online estimates for pricing a home are accurate
Truth: If only it were so easy to determine the best price for your home with the mere click of a button. But estimated sale prices online take only so many factors into consideration. What can be overlooked are local factors, such as growth and demand. An agent who's familiar with your area really is best suited to help you put the online estimate in perspective and determine the most competitive list price for your home.

3. Scary myth: List your home high to leave room for negotiating
Truth: Listing high may scare off buyers who are searching for properties at your home's actual market value. And pricing high may delay the final sale and leave your home sitting on the market much longer than it would be if it was priced correctly. Also, an unusually long period on the market and multiple price reductions can give buyers the wrong impression that your home might not be selling because it has major flaws.

4. Scary myth: The outside's not as important as the inside
Truth: Curb appeal is critical. How will buyers ever appreciate your home's spectacular interior if they're so turned off by the shabby exterior that they drive right on by? A great first impression starts outside.

5. Scary myth: You don't need a Realtor
Truth: Trying to sell your home on your own can turn into a true horror show. There's a lot at stake between the money you risk leaving on the table by listing at the wrong price, ineffective negotiations, the pitfalls of incomplete or inaccurate paperwork, and legal issues involved in a home sale.

Find a local RE/MAX agent who can help you keep the horror out of selling your home.

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