4 Ways to Preserve Family Holiday Traditions

Family traditions can really make the season special. Here are some ideas and tools to help you pass them on to future generations

1. Put them on the record

In a few guided steps, the StoryCorps app sets you up to record an interview with family members. Choose from a list of interview questions, or ask your own about holiday traditions.

2. Store memories safely

Designate a special box to store all of your holiday supplies and memorabilia, such as cookie cutters, ornaments, recipe books and Christmas records. If you choose something decorative, such as a wooden chest, you can even use it as part of your holiday decorations. Keep the memories growing by adding something new to the box each year.

3. Invite everyone to participate

The more people who know about a tradition, the less likely it is to fade away. If you're far from family this holiday season, you can still invite friends and neighbors over to make a favorite recipe, play a special game or participate in whatever special tradition you'd like to remember. You can also share your traditions at the many seasonal parties, including your own get-together.

4. Take time to reflect

Don't just store your photos in a scrapbook and tuck it away. Warm up hot chocolate (or an Irish Coffee) and spend time with your family watching old movies or flipping through photographs. It might inspire you to revive a tradition that's faded away through the years.

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