7 Organization Tips for a More Functional Garage

Is your garage so packed with bikes, tools and unmarked boxes of junk that you're forced to park in the driveway? Here are some tips to rein in the clutter and actually use your garage for your car.

1. Free the floor
Hang bikes from the ceiling or walls using specially made hooks, or install a ceiling organizer to store camping gear and other seasonal items.

2. Build a shelving system
Organizing pros say systems that allow you to see the contents tend to keep down the clutter more than units with doors that hide the chaos.

3. Reorganize your recycling
Check out the handy stackable containers available at your local home improvement store to help you sort and store recyclables.

4. Find a new purpose
Closet storage solutions, like hanging plastic shoe holders, are great for storing miscellaneous items in the garage. They can be perfect for cans of spray paint, small gardening implements and hand tools.

5. Find a new place for paint
The gallon cans of paint you've been tripping over may be ruined if the temperature gets too low. Move them to the basement and free up some floor space.

You don't have a garage? Envision a life where you never scrape ice from your windshield and call a RE/MAX agent. You can find one here.

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