7 Reasons to Participate in Small Business Saturday

A new retail holiday has emerged between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It's Small Business Saturday, and this year it lands on November 28.

Launched as part of an advertising campaign in 2010, the initiative has been embraced by small-business organizations, local municipalities and even the White House to help the country’s essential small companies.

In 2014, 88 million people “shopped small.” Here’s why you should do it, too. 

1. You’ll score some deals
Most businesses that participate in Small Business Saturday offer special promotions. And you don’t necessarily have to camp out in the parking lot to take advantage of them.

2. You'll support your own neighborhood
More than 90 percent of small business owners give back to their communities every year by volunteering, donating their services or making cash contributions, according to the National Federation of Independent Business.

3. You’ll help improve your property value
Vibrant independent shopping districts can be great selling points for potential buyers. By supporting local businesses with your purchases you could help create demand for homes in your area.

4. You'll help support the local job market
When small businesses are thriving, they have the resources to hire local workers.

5. You'll bring more sales tax revenue into your community
These funds often go to support neighborhood emergency services and public works.

6. You’ll meet new people
Shopping in local stores is a fun way to meet neighbors with similar interests. You may meet your new best friend in the bookstore or the golf shop.

7. You’ll find that great service is a priority
At a small business, you’re more likely to be helped by the business owner or someone else with a passion for the store’s products. These folks are apt to know their stuff and be motivated to provide top-level service so you recommend them to other shoppers in your community. Small businesses probably understand better than anyone the value of word-of-mouth.

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