9 Safety Tips for Homebuyers

You might have crime rate stats for prospective neighborhoods and a list of desired safety features you’d like for your next home, but don’t forget to stay safe while home shopping. Here are a few reminders:

1. Keep friends in the loop
Text or call someone to let them know your itinerary before you head out to tour homes.

2. Bring a buddy
There’s safety in numbers. If you’re searching on your own, ask a friend to join you and your buyer’s agent.

3. Be bright
Stick to daylight hours, especially when checking out new neighborhoods. You can always return with an agent to visit a home or street after dark.

4. Skip the bling
While your 2-karat cufflinks are spectacular, wearing them to an open house, or around an unfamiliar neighborhood, is not a dazzling move.

5. Don’t forget your phone
And make sure it’s charged. Carry it on you in case of an emergency.

6. Know your route
Make sure you know where you’re heading before you hit the road. Get clear directions to the homes you’ll be touring from your agent, or just click through the instructions on that handy navigation app on your phone.

7. Keep your personal info personal
You don’t know who may be eavesdropping, especially at an open house. No need to mention vacation plans, financial details or private information that could put you, your family or your identity in jeopardy.

8. Gas up
Head out to tour homes with a full tank of gas. GPS systems, while handy, are far from perfect and it might be more than a few wrong turns before you finally get where you’re going.

9. Trust your instincts
If you pull up to a home or a parking area and something doesn’t look or even feel right, don’t chance it. Go to a safe place.

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