9 Tips for Hosting a Fabulous Oscar Party

The Academy Awards this Sunday are a terrific excuse to gather the neighbors and celebrate glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Here are a few tips on throwing an unforgettable Oscar party.

1. Dress up
Encourage guests to wear their favorite formalwear. Or better yet, suggest they come decked out in the spirit, or era, of their favorite 2016 nominee. Mountain men from “The Revenant" or “Mad Max" warriors are sure to be a hit.

2. Roll out the red carpet
Guests can make their own big entrance like Hollywood royalty. Party stores sell cheap vinyl “carpets" for a few bucks.

3. Pretend you're the Paparazzi
Snap pics of your guests “waving to fans" as they arrive. Have a few feather boas, toy jewels and tiaras on hand as props.

4. Get corny
Even if you're serving more sophisticated fare, any party celebrating movies needs to have plenty of popcorn. Set up a toppings bar with favorites such as garlic, parmesan, lime and chili powder. And extra butter, of course! Pick up fun striped popcorn buckets at the dollar store.

5. Cast your vote
Movie sites such as Fandango have ready-made Oscar ballot sheets you can print for guests. Award prizes (movie tickets, perhaps?) to the guest with the most (or least) accurate predictions.

6. Bring out the bubbly
Serving champagne, sparkling cider or any sort of fizzy cocktail in champagne flutes adds a splash of elegance.

7. Have pun with your menu
Have fun naming dishes after this year's nominees. For example, guests could snack on The Hateful Eight-Layer Bean Dip.

8. Snack bar bonanza
Ensure a movie mood (and sugar buzz) by offering your favorite movie treats. Raisinets, Milk Duds and Twizzlers are must-haves.

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