Friday’s Final Thought: How Journaling Impacts Your Brain

The list of famous people who kept journals is as diverse as it is expansive. C.S. Lewis, Ronald Reagan and even grunge rocker Kurt Cobain are all known to have kept a personal record of their lives.

According to a recent Huffington Post article, the benefits of journaling are not exclusive to philosophers and creative geniuses. Here are a few ways writing daily can help you in life and in business:

Achieving goals
You can talk about your future plans all you want, but something about writing down your goals signals to your brain that it's a big deal, and you need to follow through. Journaling also provides an opportunity to brainstorm a pathway to get there.

Emotional intelligence
Writing down your frustrations helps you process them before you say something you'll regret. Once everything is out of your system, you can evaluate the situation with less emotion.

Once again, your brain picks up that if you're writing something out, it must be important. The more you practice cognitive recall, even if it's just to recall parts of your day, the better you'll be able to remember other items such as your grocery list.

Writing about the good things in your day allows you to relive these moments, signaling the same release of happiness-inducing endorphins you experienced when they first happened.

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