Homegating Tips: Bring Home the Big-Game Celebration

Game on! It’s that time of year again, when your family and friends join together for the big game and an afternoon of food, beer, team spirit and homegating. Yes, homegating, which has officially become the new tailgating. No more bundling up in the frigid February weather or butting heads with your rivals over whose hot dog toppings are better; sports-goers are trading in for an even better celebration…in their living room.

See our homegating playbook below to avoid any penalty flags this Sunday:

• Set the game-time mood – Tailgating decorations are aplenty in the world of sports and there's no shortage for homegating. Garnish your entertainment room with team colors and memorabilia, including team cups, koozies, game-day chair covers, wall décor...the list goes on.

• Man-to-chair coverage – It may be worth moving your bulky, fragile furniture out of your entertainment room to allow room for extra chairs (or pacing, for those nail-biting plays). Set aside a few, easily accessible folding chairs or bar stools in case you need more seating.

• Remove breakable items – For your rowdy fans or when the game comes down to the wire. Hey, we warned you!

• Create a kid-friendly zone – Your young children more than likely don't know who's playing in the championship, and probably don't care either. Dedicate a safe space for them to romp around and have their own playtime.

• Food and drinks – A snack and beverage station on the sidelines will go over well with all guests. Don’t overthink it, though; a cooler of drinks and a variety of appetizers will do.

• Half-time show – Have a handful of easy games to keep the morale in high gear during halftime. We’re not necessarily talking about board games, but more so the anyone-can-participate games. For example, bean bag toss. Or have a personalized halftime show from your kids (this will also keep them busy planning throughout the first half of the game).

• Have a spot remover readily available – Keep a carpet and upholstery cleaner on hand for the inevitable spills. You might want to also have paper towels or rags in waiting, and a ready washing machine wouldn’t hurt either.

Most of all, enjoy the memories made in your home! After all, that's what homegating's all about.

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