New House, New Holiday Traditions … New Worries

By Kristen McCloy, RE/MAX Senior Public Relations Specialist

With the holiday season here, I'm feeling reminiscent about the past few years – and how they've been nothing short of entertaining for me. Moving across the country from Georgia to Colorado, beginning a new job to getting married, taking a bite of the American Dream with the purchase of our first home – my husband and I have pretty much hit most major milestones in a short time.

When we searched for our first home, an open floor plan was a must, because we love to entertain (thank you, Southern hospitality genes). After a few months of searching, that’s exactly what we found, and it was only natural that hosting our first Thanksgiving would make it on my New Homeowner To-do List.

Yes, in theory this sounded like a simple plan. I’ve hosted showers, cookouts and birthdays; how hard could it be to throw a Thanksgiving get-together? But as my favorite holiday quickly approaches, I’m discovering a whole new side of holiday traditions: the list of worries.

Do we have enough room for everyone?
What if I forget to turn on the oven?
Is there enough food?
Will all the dogs get along? (Yes, I break for all animals and they are encouraged to celebrate Thanksgiving with us.)
And surely I won’t forget to turn the oven off, right?

Thankfully my husband acquired his father’s woodworking skills – unbeknownst to us until we moved in. And after much Pinterest and Google searching, he was able to build an eight-person dining room table, so that took care of one problem. After offering to host, all of our guests offered to bring their family’s favorite dish, so we’ll have plenty of food. So that one’s off the list, too. And let’s hope I remember to turn on and turn off that dang oven.

I can already guess how this is going to end: Everything will work out. The dogs will be frolicking in the snow, the oven will be warm and ready for the turkey, and there will be enough delicious food for everyone to take home leftovers. A girl can dream, right?

This Thursday will mark another milestone for us, and hopefully a new tradition. Whatever unnecessary worries come my way and whatever the outcome may be, I’m thankful to be in our first home, surrounded by those who’ve helped make the past year what it was. We’ve laughed at the good times, been humbled by the bad and appreciate everything in between.

Good luck to you and yours, and I will probably need it for mine.

P.S. Our journey doesn’t end there. The day after Thanksgiving we embark on another first Colorado tradition – chopping down a Christmas tree. I can hear Clark Griswold singing Christmas carols already. Wish us luck!

How about you? Do you remember your first holiday season in a new home? Feel free to share your experiences – I’d love to hear that I’m not the only who who’s worried about being prepared for the holidays.

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