We won’t spend the time here debating whether New Year’s resolutions are worth creating. Where's the fun – and inspiration – in that?

Instead, we're going to post our resolutions for the world to see, in hopes that it might give us that extra motivation we need to see them through. Are you in? Join us and post your New Year's pledges.

And whether you share your resolutions or not, we wish you a blessed and happy 2014!

Cory Vasquez
Senior Social Media Manager
In the New Year, I vow to practice saying "no." Like most working moms, I often have trouble juggling it all. I’ve realized only recently that by saying "no," I actually may be opening doors for myself and others. Would I like to expand on that? No. See how well it’s working already?!

Amanda Derengowski
Managing Editor
I resolve to finish the unfinished projects in my house. We're perpetually in a cycle of putting every ounce of energy into a project until it's 90 percent complete. Then we run out of steam and put off the finishing touches (like installing the toilet in an otherwise fully updated bathroom!) – sometimes for years. Enough's enough!

Deborah Ball Kearns
Senior Editor
I resolve to do two things: spend more quality time with family (and, no, watching TV doesn't count!), and get into shape after my second baby arrives in March. Doing the latter will help me accomplish the first goal much more easily. And when you feel great about yourself, your entire attitude changes and becomes more positive. It looks like I have a lot of stroller walks and Zumba in my future!

Dorota Wright-O'Neill
I resolve to de-clutter 26 years' worth of "treasures" from my basement and garage. Both are filled with my now-grown children's clothes, long-forgotten toys, outgrown ski equipment and ancient electronics. I also resolve not to cry as I throw away (gulp) their kindergarten art and hand-drawn Mother's Day cards, yellowed with age. OK, maybe I'll keep an item or two. Meantime, Mickey Mouse clock radio, anyone?

Katharine Davis
In 2014, I promise to use my fabulous kitchen more. Its gas stove, stainless steel refrigerator and cherry cabinets are part of the reason we chose our townhouse. Then, to counteract all those home-baked goodies that are sure to result, I endeavor to use my neighborhood's running trails more often — another reason we chose our townhouse. So what I'm saying is, I resolve to be less lazy, but to eat more.

Andrew Gmerek
Lead Web Editor
I resolve to do nothing. That’s right. Nothing – zero – zippo. I’m not kidding. For the past two years I’ve set goals, focused on projects, buckled down and gotten things done. And I’m tired. So this year, I plan to just live and take what comes. Amen. (This will be the hardest resolution I’ve ever made.)