By Dave Liniger

As a buyer or seller of real estate, there's really no way for you to know who Howard Brinton was. But just for a moment, I'd like to tell you about this real estate icon, a great friend who passed away a few nights ago after a 4-year battle with cancer.

Howard was one of the most popular and successful real estate coaches for several decades. His approach was to gather the best ideas from the best agents and share them with everyone. In doing this, he accomplished two important things: He elevated the profession by encouraging higher standards, and he fostered a spirit of collaboration in our industry, which, in turn, elevated the profession even more.

Indirectly, Howard had an enormous impact on people like you. Agents he coached were better than they were before. They were more professional, more effective and more focused on achieving great results for their clients and customers.

Howard understood that success in our business is possible only through hard work on behalf of buyers and sellers. There are no shortcuts. He also knew that giving the most of yourself, in every situation, is truly the only way to go.

Over the years, Howard coached literally tens of thousands of RE/MAX Sales Associates. He was a regular contributor to our RE/MAX Satellite Network and a favorite speaker at our conventions and special events. His teaching ran through the core of our organization.

The man was funny, brilliant and extremely positive, even in the end. His legacy lives on in each of us who he coached or mentored. By improving real estate agents, Howard Brinton improved the consumer experience of buying or selling a home.  And that's why you should know about him.