By Andrew Dodson, RE/MAX Editor

Most real estate agents are either cows or buffaloes.

That’s what RE/MAX CEO Margaret Kelly said in her feature article “Confronting the Storm,” that appeared in the September edition of DS News magazine. When the housing downturn hit in 2008, there were those who ran toward the storm – the buffaloes – and those who attempted to run the other way – the cows.

“There’s no suspense in the outcome,” Kelly wrote. “Most agents who retreated are no longer in the business, while the ones who collected themselves and adapted to the change became part of the solution.”

She went on to describe three RE/MAX “buffaloes” who collected themselves, sought out education, adjusted their approach and met the challenging market head-on. Ever since, these agents, like many others in the RE/MAX organization, have been assisting buyers or sellers in the distressed property arena and restoring consumer confidence - one family at a time.

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