Transparency, Communication Matter in Your Real Estate Transaction

As a homebuyer or seller, you want an agent who will keep you abreast of every twist and turn in a transaction. We get it; this can be a scary, nerve-wracking experience, and you want to know what’s happening and be an informed participant. After all, this is likely the biggest financial transaction of your life!
If transparency and seamless communication are two qualities that you’re looking for in an agent, you’ve come to the right place. RE/MAX agents are known not only for their high productivity, but also for their professionalism and diligence. And because they have the power of the RE/MAX brand name and all the resources that come with that backing, they’re able to deliver on your high expectations.

One of the resources that RE/MAX agents have at their disposal is a new, one-stop shop, transaction-management solution called the RES.NET Agent Platform. This tool, which agents must sign up for, gives subscribers ultimate control over every detail of their transactions. Here are some of the benefits to clients:

· Automated, paperless environment that minimizes time in front of the computer so agents can spend more time with you – the client.
· Facilitates transparency among everyone involved in the transaction, allowing for you to easily view, send and sign documents online using e-signature technology, in addition to real-time messages and tasks.
· Increases communication between you and your agent when in-person meetings or phone calls aren’t possible or immediately convenient; it’s available on a cloud-based system.
· An offer submission tool, which enables buyer agents to submit offers to listing agents directly through the platform, instead of mailing or faxing paper documents. Conversely, the platform helps listing agents better manage offers, negotiations and counteroffers, resulting in faster closings for buyers and sellers alike.

You deserve to be an active participant in your real estate transaction, and your RE/MAX agent can do his or her part to make sure you are. Use the Find an Agent tool here on to find a RE/MAX agent in your area. If you'd like, you can narrow your search by language or specialization, and even select an agent with particular educational designations or years of experience. 

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