Ways to Protect Spring Plants From Winter's Swan Song

It's pretty clear that Punxsutawney Phil got it wrong! The Pennsylvania groundhog incorrectly predicted an early end to winter, and widespread spring snowstorms across the U.S. are proof-positive winter's not going out without a fight.
Although snow may be souring your mood, it doesn't have to threaten the early signs of spring in your yard.
What can you do to protect your budding plants and flowers from the unpredictable elements? Frankly, in a pinch, just about any of these ideas will do the trick:

  • Turn empty laundry baskets, kitchen pots, and terracotta planters upside-down and place them over sprouting plants to protect them from heavy snow and pounding hail.
  • Place patio chairs over larger plants and shrubs.
  • Use cardboard boxes to insulate plants against frigid temperatures.
  • Cover the branches of blossoming trees at night with trash bags (but remember to remove them in the morning so the blossoms don't cook in the springtime sun).
  • If you're anticipating bad weather, think about picking up some sturdy wire mesh that you can use to encircle plants and then cover with plastic.

How do you protect your outdoor plants? Help others out by posting your ideas and comments here.

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